Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A few memories

We had a busy September, and I came across some pictures that I wanted up on the blog.
The first pictures are from Sesame Street Live, to which we won tickets.  We actually were really disappointed and won't be going back again, but that's just our take on it.  Maybe we were spoiled by the Wiggles. :)  Calla had fun dressing up and enjoyed it at first, but she ended up crying at intermission when the lights went up and standing there were some Sesame Street folks with huge bunches of Elmo balloons (that cost like $10), tempting every child there to beg and plead and subsequently cry when the parents said no.  I got a little angry at this ploy to get our money, but it was an opportunity to address her heart (and mine).  Calla actually got bored and asked to leave after that.  They didn't sing many familiar songs, and the characters are really limited in what they can do in their big mascot-like monster suits.  But hey, Calla looked cute!! :)

 Here is a sweet picture of Cole and Calla watching Daddy and the worship team practice before Sunday evening church.
 And a picture of sweet Calla.  Oh, I have been meaning to upload a video from this day, when I asked Calla her yearly questions.  More about that later when it's uploaded!
 I have many memories of wearing and sleeping in these pink foam curlers from when I was little, so I had to buy them and try them on Calla.  She thought it was so much fun to wear them in her hair, but made it... oh... 10 minutes in bed with them before I had to take them out.
 Calla got to wear this sweet dress that I wore when I was a little girl.  Doesn't she look precious?
 And finally, some pictures from our vacation to Destin, FL.  Calla keeps talking about the time we "lived in Florida,"and thought that the condo itself was Florida.  When we would be out and return, she'd exclaim, "We're back in Florida!"  I wasn't expecting much from these beaches coming from California and growing up going to Malibu, but this beach really was amazing.  Fluffy, soft white sand.  Warm, clear turquoise water with fishies nibbling on your toes (ok that was more than a little creepy).  We think we've found a place to keep going back to as many times as we can!
Calla's first kite-flying experience
Cole loved when Papa would sing to him and play his guitar!
So maybe not the best pictures of us since I don't know how to take pictures , but we experienced some amazing sunsets!!
Calla with her Nana

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TheHouseWifeRookie said...

Bummer about Sesame Street! I loved seeing it as a kid and I too remember those foam rollers! It was an early lesson in "beauty is pain" because I sooo wanted curls at whatever the cost :) And Destin? Yes, it's sooo lovely! The pictures were beautiful!